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Domino's pizza - only ads are good

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The very first time I tried a Domino’s pizza; it was way back in my college days. Well being a young person I have always felt the need for a good place to hang around and to be frank it’s not THE PLACE. You can only take away pizzas from here since they do no have a restaurant facility with them. Well that could be a marketing policy and you cannot judge the quality of service on basis of that. Now because they do not have restaurant facility, you miss a crowd and you will find their outlets in secluded and isolated places.

Now we come to the quality of the food they give. I have tried many of their pizzas many times and that too different kinds and varieties but none of them have ever tickled my taste buds. For example the pizza base isn’t as quite soft as others’. The aroma lacks the oomph and the toppings are overdone. The non-vegetarian toppings, you would wish the poor animal were better off alive rather than being a scum on the pizza.

They do have a good ambience but you definitely won’t feel like going to a Domino’s pizza and order yourself a pizza. If you don’t worry about the quality much or aren’t very very particular or haven’t tasted better pizzas, you can order from home.

I feel more than anything the quality of the food that a fast food joint renders matters the most. Be it ambience, be it delivery; everything comes second to the quality. And in my view this not a happening place. Not at least for youngsters

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Even i found pizzas of US pizza are better then Domino’s in taste

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Dominos + Bogo + more discount

Make taste more better

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@bikipatel wrote:

Dominos + Bogo + more discount

Make taste more better

thts nly way …but taste is taste

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