Don't Buy "CANDES WORLD" Products (Worst Products & Customer Support)


I purchased 2 fans of CANDES WORLD Company on 08 September 2021, Unfortunately 1 Fan stopped working and is still under warranty so I contacted CANDES WORLD customer support on 12 June & They assured me Technician Visited in next 5-7 Working Days But almost 50 days passed but no technician visited & They are not responding now, So according to my experience don't buy CANDES WORLD  Products.

You can check their Google reviews, Play Store reviews so avoid to buy CANDES WORLD Products on any circumstances.

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Heard this brand name 1st Time

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Price low compared to other brands but don't expect any customer support and warranty.

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Can confirm its terrible and arrogant company.

Same happened with me.

At last i purchased new candes fan and then return the old one.

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Two wrongs do not make a right.

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Just a thought. Not necessarily taking high moral ground here!‏‏

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Faced the same issue 2 years ago

No one visited

I did raise a complaint on consumer helpline and was able to arrange the phone number of 2nd level support

I did receive 500 rupees by upi but the reparing cost was around 450.

Last year the 2nd Candes fan also got some issue but this time I did not contact them as I had horrible experience the last time

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Candes products are cheap chinese products... Do not buy

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Don't buy candes fan. Too worst experience I have never been observed. Worst nd worst customer support . I have raise a compliant through mail, wts app from last 3 month but still no support no reply. Bycott# candes 

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