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Dear Dimers,

Cloud storage seems to be the next precious thing.
Grab all the free storage available online early and reap benefits later.

Dropbox is one of the top, easy, secure site to store your data.

For Dropbox Basic account, you’ll earn 2GB of space for each account opened.

One can increase the space upto 16GB by inviting friends.

In total, Dropbox Basic accounts can earn up to 16 GB through referrals.

To get started, simply DM me your email id and ask for an invite.

Both you and me will receive bonus space (500MB) if you do the following:

- Accept my invitation to sign up for an account.

- Install the Dropbox desktop app.

- Sign in from the desktop app.

- Verify your email address.

DM me your email id for referral.

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