How many HDFC Debit Cards you have?
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Efficient Credit Card payment with 2 HDFC Debit cards (2.5% + 1% cashback cashpoints)

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Hello Dimers,

Any one have 2 HDFC Debit Cards??? or preferably more 😝 To pay credit cards

If so how you are using them efficiently? 

1) HDFC Platinum debit card

2) HDFC Millenia debit card (or should i upgrade this to Platinum as well?)

Heard Millenia gives reward of 400 CB awesome 2.5% after 90 days only but Platinum gives 1% reward in 3 days 

So how to use combo more efficiently ??

1) Platinum 1% + Platinum 1% (Rs. 1,50,000 cap)


2) Millenia 2.5% + Platinum 1% (Rs. 91,000 cap)

Any suggestion? lets see:) how all are paying credit cards xD

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Millennia DC will be best for 16k and below per month for CC spends and if you can get multiple DCs based on your family member's accounts then fine, if CC spends are above 60k per month then better to get Platinum even though its just 1% compared to Millennia's 2.5% as it gets credited by max 2-4 days and you can have it free (fees Rs.750+GST per year) by opening a savings max account and having either 25k monthly balance or 1.5L FD

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Thanks for the nice inputs:)

I thought of using first 16k with millennia and then followed by 1% using platinum but not sure its the right choice, since many  might recommend 2 platinum for easy 1% than 90 days for 2.5%, so created this post to see the views:)

Side note: Btw I have opened 2nd account in my name so i am gonna get millennia soon, with my first account already having platinum

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hmm from the looks of it many dont use 2 HDFC debit cards as this post heat is less

anyone with any efficient idea for 2 hdfc Debit cards?

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I have 4 HDFC imperia account where I am joint holder with 3 now I am using 4 platinum dc and 4 millennia dc for bill payment purpose so total max CB I can get is 1100*4=4400 per months 

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Where would you pay HDFC credit cards, neither of them rewards at bill portal?

Also I want to know where shall I pay for 2.5% on millenia?

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1) Well HDFC credit cards still now no way to efficiently pay it

2) For "HDFC Debit millennia" i heard that default HDFC bill pay portal gives 2.5% since its considered as online spend 

Following From HDFC official website: 

With the HDFC Bank Millennia Debit Card, you can truly Keep Going with Debit.

Key features:-

Get up to ₹4800 CashBack every year

5% CashBack points on shopping via PayZapp and SmartBuy

2.5% CashBack points on all online Spends

1% CashBack points on all offline spends and Wallet reloads

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I am holding max savings acc with platinum card how to get millenia debit as a second card any one know?

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opening 2nd account is the only way
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