Enrollment in PMSBY/PMJJBY without consent


Hey guys, I have received a sms from BoB- asking to maintain sufficient balance for deducting premium for PMSBY/PMJJBY.

I don't remember opting for such scheme ever, irony is I don't have any net banking in this BoB account as well and I haven't visited the branch for any kind of work for many years. Yet I got this message.

I have complained on BoB website, got the call in 1 hour. Told him the issue- 

Me- I have never opted for these scheme, yet it is asking me to maintain sufficient balance, why?

BoB Support- Sir, you must have opted it either online or through branch.

Me- I don't have net banking in this account and for branch can you share the proof?

BoB Support- Sorry sir, but it automatically subscribed through your aadhar linked bank account.

Me- Why?, Is there any Govt./Bank order/notification, if yes please share?

BoB Support- Sir, this, that bla...bla.., You need to visit branch then.

After 30 minutes,

I got call from Dy. Manager from my home branch- he was like- Sir, sir- what's the issue, this scheme is very good, at just nominal amount. It is good for you bla bla..

If you we can close this- just give us a written request

Me- First show me the written request for opting the schemes.

He- Sir, this scheme is good- same things again.

I don't know how long this deduction is going on as I don't have net banking and could not visit branch for a while. 

This is a wrong practice by banks to meet their target. I'm thinking to claim the debited amounts.

Have anyone faced similar issue and have you claimed the amount debited without any consent for any scheme?


Now received same message from icici also.

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yes, I have faced this, Forget about the Dy manager, the Branch manager will call you personally and return your balance.

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What is the process the claim the debited amount?
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Yes, I tried to open a SBI account in the village. That branch manager forced and refused to open an account without opting for this scheme.

It's a pro in some cases that the fund would help for the people, and as we are educated and we do have term insurance. For Village people they don't have such ideas. It's 50:50 ratio In some cases it's good and in other case it's too bad

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Sher pala h to 

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Comment No Longer Exist
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@admin , @MJ911 political comments

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Why are you worried so much?

its a good insurance scheme being offered for peanuts!

If its PMSBY, The premium is One King size Cigerette

If its PMJJBY the premium is two starbucks coffees worth

keep the policy

classic case of "Making Mountains outta Molehills"

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It's not about premium, 

It is the wrong practice of Bank to activate any scheme without informing/asking customer.

And purpose of claiming the money deducted without consent is to tell them not to continue such practice further.

Perhaps you didn't understand the case before making your assumption

Title is very clear.

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I agree with the bank manager, the schemes are really good for nominal value. However, it's your choice whether to opt or not.

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Same here.sbi Branch automatically activated this scheme for me.Fraud godi Govt.

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isme govt kahan se aa gyi beech me
har chij ka dosh Govt ko dena uchit nhi

aaj kal badhiya trend chal rha hai- koi bhi problem to Govt is Responsible
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