equitas bank has sent an account closure notice after 3 years of account usage

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Screenshot20240604-213214Equitas SFB Bank has sent an account closure notice after 3 years of using the Location is Kolkata.Account variant niyox
Have any of you received this email?
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Wingman Wingman
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No, but I myself closed it 2 days back..as it's not useful for me apart from zero forex.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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The pincode not serviceable.. sounds like an alibi.
And a poor one at that.

Real reason/s or future course of action for them
might be known to those connected with the top management or working in these organisations.

(Unless of-course this is directly or indirectly about the customers themselves or the lapses in compliances.
In which case, possible that either RBI has tightened the screws or about to.. and thus.. these are measures to set the house in order. Else another Paytm, Bajaj tyoe strike from RBI.)
Critic Critic
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He did not open the acc directly via equitas but via NiyoX which was a fintech & often allowed ppl to open acc purely via video kyc in locations which were otherwise not serviceable by bank. As you mentioned, now rbi is getting serious & such lapses are not to be ignored.

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Commentator Commentator
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was the account opened online and that time it (Kolkata branch) was available? checking now shows West Bengal is not available in their locate us section



Benevolent Benevolent
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Convert the account to online something variant with video kyc. Why do u need this account anyways?
Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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Received same, any idea which courier they are using for DD?

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