Equitas Savings Account Suggestion.

Hello dimers...
Planning to park some money in FD and found
equitas small fin bank has good interest on FD-RD.
Was searching online which account type is best in Equitas bank. but did not found much info.

Kindly suggest which account I should opt for.
TIA pray
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The online account is best. Only DC charges nothing else. That also I have blocked. 

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i think other small bank giving better FD rates, compare before investing

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can u pls tell which bank ? @Ramta_Jogi
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Finance Mentor Finance Mentor
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What @flash007 said.

Other banks got better Roi. 

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Open with niyox digital account.. No charges at all. 

Check pm

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There is DC AMC ₹199+GST in Niyox

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Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Someone suggested fincare, it was attractive interest rate.

Equitas froze account after loading just 1L so keep that in mind.

Best way to open Equitas account is : 

Use Niyo Global to create partial-KYC account using adhaar verification.

Then head over to equitas online portal and do the Full KYC directly with Bank. This way you aren't forced to order physical debit card (which incur additional charges). Once its full kyc, you can use Niyo to access the card without having to order the physical card.

For Full KYC in Niyo app, they will force you to order Physical card which is charged at 234 rs /year.

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niyo global physical debit card (sbm bank) is lifetime free

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Generous Generous
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All banks have different slab for interest rate calculation, Do google according to your investment amount, you'll find the best bank. 

For small amount, I prefer P2P option (using Mobikwik Xtra). Can dm for referral links, if needed. 

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Equitas along with a fintech (Niyo) has a pathetic track record - check twitter. AVOID!

Ideally, you can just get FDs done without a saving account. It is painful since you will have to visit branch or get the branch officials at your place for paperwork but it saves you from all hassles that come along with a saving account - No additional charges, No DC issues, No account or funds blockage by their compliance team, etc. etc 

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If you are planning to put big amount than you can open Elite account. There are no charges with Elite Account.

For 444 or 888 days FD interest is 8.5%

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Check dm

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