Error in credit card available balance

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My hdfc tata neu plus credit card statement was generated on 1st May and available limit was 624

After that

Total payments made: 37781.24

Total debit transaction made: 33763

So the total available limit should be 4642.24 but it's only showing 537

My credit limit is 34000 I paid extra 4405.24 this month. In the tata neu app and hdfc cards portal it wasn't showing this extra paid amount only 34000 limit but in hdfc credit card internet banking portal until today it was showing an extra 4405.24 limit is available.

Now today I made some transactions but now the tata neu app, my cards portal and hdfc credit card internet banking all are showing 537 limit available.

Where does the extra paid 4642.24 amount gone?

How can something like this happen?


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Call up cc and find out... Am sure your are missing something in calculation or they might have refunded excess payment

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No mistake in the calculation all payments made are showing in unbilled transactions and the extra paid amount was showing in internet banking but not anymore.

Yes already emailed to cc

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537 sounds like (close but not exactly) 500 + gst, which might be the fee for the card?

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The difference is exactly the credit balance that you paid more than the credit limit .. check if you got any refund... Recent regulations dont allow you to pay more than credit limit... Not sure if it got implemented in all bank's

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@Nav24 @DimeDude @JNR4U

Issue is resolved. I think it was just a glitch. The correct amount is shown everywhere now

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