EVERYTHING Schwarzenegger says is good for your liver health

Deal Subedar
I heard that the way you go viral on this site is by making a big list of things you have to do. Let me try.

-You should mostly eat food you know is healthy, there is no magic food.

-You should also occasionally let yourself eat delicious food you know isn’t healthy. Otherwise what’s the point?

-You should be training with some kind of resistance (your bodyweight works), no matter your age

-You should do something to get your heart going and get a schvitz a few times a week

-You should know there isn’t a magic pill, a hack, or a diet and most of that crap people put in their lists is just mean to confuse you so you pay them to figure it out for you with whatever they are selling

-You should also know my daily newsletter is free, is allergic to bullshit, and includes weekly workouts, the latest health and fitness news, and motivation from me.

-Don’t worry, if you paid one of those people to tell you jumping in cold water or taking 29 pills every morning will get you fit, I’ll still be here in three months when you decide it’s time to try something that works. The only trick I know is that you have to work, it hasn’t changed in 76 years and it won’t change.


My addition to above
+ 7hrs good sleep
3 Dimers
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Well there's a CEO who pops hundreds of pills a day in his quest for everlasting youth and immortality. What's the point in trying to gain an extra few years when he spends 8+ hours a day in all this crap? 

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