Experience with AI search

I was trying microsoft copilot ai search, did following and got response from microsoft copilot search.
See grinning

Me: help me learn english
Copilot ai : Go to youtube channels and learn yourself. (Mera bheja mat kharb karo)
Me: aj ke samachar batayen
Copilot: after giving two old headlines, read yourself from so and so news papers.

After few question it said , sorry this conversation have to stop as i can not help further or something like that.

The point is ai should work differently and provide max information like an ai not as a dumb search engine.

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Benevolent Benevolent
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in the beginning bing ai would fetch me latest last of us (tv show) episodes magnet link in a sec, it was so cool and efficient but then microsoft nerfed it hard 


Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Bing GPT/ A.I. chat is even more तुनकमिजाज़ (tunak'mijaz) than our neighbourhood Shukla aunty.

If we ask for point specific answer/name.. and even specifically tell that just the date, name or author of xyz publication be replied with.. it still gave all the blurbs it copied from wikipedia and elsewhere.

But upon giving feedback about the same or pointing it out.. to not do so.. the dayum thing suddenly pouts (मुंह फुला लेती है)/ muh phula leti hai and ends the chat thread with some remark like 'i cannot continue this conversation' or 'time for a new conversation instead'.

Have not used it in the past 16-17 days though, so unaware of latest changes.
But it is pathetic in finding local (region specific) details or even layered queries.
Like who is the music composer of 'xyz song' (from the 1960s, 1970s).
It gives the answer.

Then asking it: who is the male singer of 'abc' song.. too gets an answer.

But then asking it for any/all songs with the music composer of XYZ and the singer of ABC.. leads the LLM chatbot to blank out.

(Asking it about rare, unconventional desi music. Both filmi and non filmi desi songs/ couplets/ naats/ bhajans).

Also, in its initial days.. BingGPT literally prompted that it was using google's translation service, if we asked something by typing in vernacular script.
Comrade Comrade
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And we talking about danger of AI

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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In-fact even Bard handles certain tasks/queries way differently than the usual (pre-Bard) Google Assistant.

And unlike Goigle Assistant which can take at-least some commands without being connected to the internet (example: set an alarm for hh:mm).. Bard/Gemini (it seems) runs totally off of the cloud!
For now at-least, in so far as I know, no internet connectivity equates no Bard/Gemini help.
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