Experience with foreign banks in India (DBS, Standard Chartered, HSBC, Deutsche Bank)

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After the exit of CITI can other foreign players cover up the gap of the great service that citi used to give?

How's your experience with these banks if you ever used them-

1) Standard Chartered


3) Deutsche Bank

4) DBS

5) SBM

Have heard reviews sometimes of other banks but never heard about Deutsche Bank.

No YouTube video, nothing.

But here on DD someone was asking for Deutsche bank debit card for some offer.

So curious about to know how are they and exactly what are they, even never seen any YouTube video regarding them but they seem to be biggest bank of Germany which was in brink of collapse few days back.

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Dbs after lvb merger got good presence and good tech rest all are shit don't carried away by the word  "foreign bank". They have a very small portfolio they may exit the Indian market anytime it's not worth to be loyal to them

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@abhishek012 would love to hear about your thoughts.

My speculation is what Citi did yesterday , other foreign banks will do tomorrow.

India is a booming economy but still not mature enough for universal/foreign banking.

Would love to hear your thoughts. @bikidas2060 @raghupro

Tagging few active dimers as I'm really curious about the service of these so called Foreign banks.

Personally used SBM, through some app named finin. 

It was trash and the app itself has shut down I guess.

DBS, I did not like the options to get in touch with them and looking at their social media activity it seems like they are quite into rampant account freezing.

How is the existence of Deutsche Bank here?

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Include American express they also have banking license in India but they issue only charge and credit cards 

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Good if Amex starts banking apart from credit card

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1) Standard Chartered credit card customer care is kinda pathetic. 

2) HSBC it's nice. 

3) Deutsche Bank no idea. 

4) DBS It's one of the nicest banks. 

5) SBM no idea

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Never had bank accounts with any of them but used the following

Standard Chartered ultimate credit card - terrible support! In fact, there were spend based offers I was eligible for but never received the points and eventually had to let go after many pointless conversations with their team. Reaching out and getting a sensible response from the support team in itself was a pain.

SBM - I think Slice back then used to offer their card through SBM if I am not wrong. Can't judge much as they barely even had a service support team to converse over phone.

AMEX - do they even need a feedback? One of the best support networks in India I guess, never failed to get to the point and resolve issues. Still had to go ahead and close the card 8 months later due to low acceptance rate in general

Citibank - of the cards I used for a longer duration, they had the best support by a mile! There were many instances where they went an extra mile to help me out. Instances were chargebacks were claimed etc.

Wife works for HSBC and has a HSBC salary account and credit card. I find their support to be excellent, she always keeps pestering me to open account with HSBC as well but never have the intention duly consider the high MAB requirement.

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One more account opened through her means more commission to her by bank? stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes btw what's the MAB for this banks savings acct? I want to get the cashback card but since I don't file itr or receive salary slip, I can't get the card. What if I open an acct and get pre approved offer?

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DBS is good, using it from 2018.

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Banked with HSBC for a few years , not anymore but have to say my experience has been pleasant.  MAB was high so I left them. Very few branches on any city in India, 1 or 2.

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Pleasant means can you elaborate I am also looking to open one

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using StanChart since last 5 years.... got awesome support and resolution.... nice offers on Super value titanium and smart credit card.... minimum 2000 monthly cashback... no issues till date

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Apart from standard chartered all are good l,standard chartered has worst support system.

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Off the big names,

▪︎ Deutsche is great for corporate relatiomships. Presumably the retail, consumer level offerings too are worth the buck.

▪︎ Nova Scotia Bank (now, i think, Scotia Bank) in-branch experience was invariably great. But depends a lot on location too. PCG and HNI relationships especially.

▪︎ If looking for competitive forex services and other specialised services (for example: Sharia compliant products) then Mashreq used to have some dealings with corporates at-least. (SMEs too).

▪︎ If Barclays, JP want to,, can easily disrupt most card business here. Both by way of top-notch local support, as also competitive product offerings.

▪︎ Depending on one's squeezability, Qatar (QPSC), Emirates, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain 'nd Kuwait BSC too competed well in LC and othet ImpEx operations.

▪︎ Societe Generale, BNP Paribas, Bank of China have had their niche in certain kinds of commercial transactions and international business dealing.
Wish the arrangement between Industrial & Commercial Bank of China in South East Asia and the Indian ops. of some of the other banks were not severed over time.

▪︎ Though not a foreign bank, the IOB (Indian Overseas Bank) is fairly good in certain aspects, for retail consumers. Depends again on region or specific offices too.

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wow thats the comprehensive review that i was looking for. Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable experiences. KG+
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