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Eye glasses suggestions


Friends my family member needs to make new eye glasses with good quality lenses. He has myopia, astigmatism. 

1) Which shop should he go to make good lenses and frame? Titan eye+ ? Lenskart might be cheap?

2) Which lenses? If cryzal then which model? Power is -1, -0.25 (20) for right eye, -1.75, 0 (0) for left. He works late on computer + some night driving. 

3) His number has changed and need to retest. Can he do directly in shop without doc visit?

4) Any offer/discount that can be used? 

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if you have budget then better to go lenskart offline stores and select try frame as you like then order with app to get payment offers..

better to have lenskart gold as you can get 2 specs ( more affordable than purchasing only one) at the prime of one spec with some extra taxes..

if you want something more in budget then try eyemyeye website, only drawback is less options and not much good looking frames.. but you can get two specs with quality bluecut lenses with too low price (really affordable after apply coupan codes).. frame quality is not so great still worth the price..

for offline local shops only drawback is that they are too costly 

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Looking for good quality lens like Titan Clearview OR Zeiss.

Here is what shopkeeper said:

1. Zeiss ClearView FSV: 1.5 index Bluecut costs 4K (non-Bluecut does NOT exist).

2. Zeiss ClearView FSV: 1.56 index Non-Bluecut costs 5.2K, Bluecut costs 5.7K

3. Zeiss FSV (non-ClearView): 1.5 index costs 3.3K

All this is confusing. Is Clearview actually better than non-clearview Zeiss? It is costing almost 80% more than non-ClearView (old) lens.

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Does this eye sight really require aspherical lens (2K costlier than spherical lens)?

Also I heard that Zeiss clear view is actually uncomfortably clear (too clear). So again clear view vs non clear view, which will be better? 


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Visit Lenskart and get it done. They wont charge extra I have all number in Sph, Cyl and Axis. Also ask them to measure pupil distance that is also important in case of such numbers.

I tried 2-3 local shops but finally got good glasses from lenskart.

Remember if you are using this glasses for first time it might take a week or more to get adjusted. You will also feel headache or like someone is twisting your eyeballs but after few days it will be all good. 

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pupil distance
what does this mean in simple language?do doctors mention it on prescription + @panchabhut

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Does this eye sight really require aspherical lens (2K costlier than spherical lens)?

Extra cost towards Aspheric lens is worth it. Yes, for distortion free vision, you need it. 

Also I heard that Zeiss clear view is actually uncomfortably clear (too clear). So again clear view vs non clear view, which will be better

Is eyesight without lenses too clear,? No naa.  I am personally using Zeiss Clear view lenses. It's very sturdy, very close natural eye sight. It comes with inbuilt complete UV protection. In the night your eyes gets less strained while driving. For blue cut lenses you ll have to pay extra money. That's good because human body needs blue light for proper functioning. 

If you need bluelight protection then Crizal lenses ll be cost effective. But in terms of optical quality Zeiss rocks. 

Pro tip. Don't buy lenskart lenses. They are not durable. They get scratches quote easily.  The coating gets damaged within a year. And they push bluecut lenses forcefully. Their optometrist are not that top of the like either. Buy a cheap frame from lenskart. And get the job done from a reputed Zeiss recognised optician. 🙂🙂🙂

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Detailed answer thanks. Understood that Lense wise zeiss is good.

1) Frame wise - lenskart is good? Which frame are you using? Any recommendations here for light weight full frame? 

2) Aspherical vs Spherical  - will it make any difference for this low power? 

3) Between Clearview index 1.5 (not sure if this is spherical or aspherical), and non-Clearview 1.56 (this is marked as aspherical), which is better for above eye power?


PS: this is for family member. 

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So, our budhe baba is not that old. 🐒

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I have used Carl Zeiss lens in the past. I found no visible difference in quality. The high price is waste. No difference in comparison to Lenskart.

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Go local, titan worst cost wise and lenskart also is costly compared with local, go to different shops, ask for a particular frame, and then ask for lens prices properly with company name and then compare 2 other places.

If you were from Kolkata, would share number from where I get mine, personally used all Lenskart, Titan, GKB and local vendors. Remember Lenskart main profit is on their lens also frames which they manufacture at a low cost, I got the same 1.6 single vision variant blue cut with frames at around 1K. Lenskart provided my friend just 2 frames for 1.2K just a few days without any lens, with gold offer. (Their basic frame, not John Jacobs ones)

Compare once with the local lens and Lenskart lens. Titan has just costly frames and not worth it anymore. Lenskart has got better frame collections than many local stores but you get good ones too at some places.

Best lens I used Crizal 1.7 which was costly was worth it. Thin glass and amazing. Zeiss is good too but costly, even some local brands are good like Prime.

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What's the best price for lenskart glasses with bluecut lens?

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Avoid Lenskart if you want premium quality Lenses. For Non branded frames, Lenskart is good for the price. But don't assume that you are getting 10000/- branded frame quality for Rs. 3000/- (After GOLD discount).

If you want to play it safe, you can opt for Kodak Lenses. With major opticians they are running an offer where you get Kodak lenses of equivalent value free if you buy their own sister brand frames.

If you buy branded frames like Ray-Ban etc then you get lenses of up to 60% value free. So buy a Ray-ban frame of about 8-10k value and get Kodak single vision lens with all bell and whistles ( costs around 5-5.5k) free. Check for shops offering this in your city.

Otherwise you can choose Crizal  Prevencia Airwear lens ( about 5k). Airwear is MR8 lens, very tough and lighweight (index 1.59 or 1.6 IIRC), along with any frame of your choice.

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