HELP Needed!!! Facing issues for closing the credit card simpliFi

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Hello Dimers, On March 6th, I reached out to the Fi customer care team via their chat support to request the closure of my SimpliFi credit card. On March 13th, I received an SMS confirmation from Federal Bank stating that my credit card had been closed as per my request. However, when I attempted to redeem my fixed deposit linked to the secure credit card, I encountered an issue where it consistently showed an unsuccessful message. Subsequently, I raised another ticket with them, expressing my inability to redeem the fixed deposit. After a few days, I received a response stating that since my credit card was closed, I should be able to redeem the fixed deposit. However, upon checking my Fi application, I found that the card was still under a blocked status, with a current outstanding amount of 13.5k, despite no transaction history being displayed for that outstanding balance. This discrepancy has left me frustrated. Although I haven't made any transactions with the blocked card, it still shows an outstanding balance. I have raised another request to address this issue. How should I handle this situation? Can I report it to the RBI? What category does Fi fall under?
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Yes you can follow grievance escalation matix and report discrepancy as soon as possible.

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Thats really bad, very bad. Football between fi and fedral. Try contacting with fedral by telling them that you are not able to redeem fd. See what they tell you. Do not mention anything about  credit card. Send them mail.

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try unblocking the card 


try unblocking the card & re closure of card

then send withdrawal re request

btw does the fi card shows are closed in credit report ?

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I have closed it via Fedmobile app. Fedmobile -Myinvestments-Bankdeposits-Close deposit. Instantly closed and the amount credited to bank instantly.

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It helps. I also closed this way. Thanks.

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