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A delivery boy from Ekart came to deliver a parcel which I haven't ordered. He was asking 299rs as order was COD. I denied because I haven't ordered he asked me OTP to cancel the order. I gave to OTP which was generated from Ekart server. I checked the tracking details on Ekart website which was showing genuine tracking also details also showing order rejected at time of delivery. I have checked trendystyle & found the it is fake websites & many people have complained about this website fake.  IMG20240227204717IMG20240227204630IMG20240227204502

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Otp for cancellation 😄

It should have ringed bells in your mind.

Cancellation pe kbse otp lgne lga.

Purpose of otp was to deliver parcel to legit/genuine buyer.

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Yes, cancellation OTP is present and not myth. Last experienced with Shadowfax in Jan 24.

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Bro this common scam and if watch news and use internet u could have come across this scam.

Why share OTP to cancel that too cod order which you didn't recognise ?

From this OTP he can empty your bank out. Better lock cards for some days.

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4 digit otps are generally safe to share, banks don't use them.

Double check the source always. 

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Not that I would want Ekart to earn more, but..
ye 'apperal' selling website ki link de dou, tou sou-dou sau COD orders lagwane dete hein inke site par, from 100-200 different IP addresses and devices.
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It's not possible to find that. They might not even be having a website 

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Guys cancellation otp thing is not a fraud. Most courier companies have started this so as to avoid delivery executives from marking order as "undelivered" without customer consent (earlier it was very common as they claimed that customer was not available at address). Although they have an override on this mechanism but that would require senior authorization. 

But make sure to verify source of otp and read the content before sharing it. 

These fraud sites have gathered address databases from commerce sites and then sending random parcels (of frivolous items). Even if 30-40% people accept these parcels they will make good profit even after deducting shipping cost. 

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After reading other dimers comment as well, I understand that cancellation OTP is not scam. But why should I share it with delivery person If I have no idea about the parcel. If I will book something and will later on cancel it, then I think it's fine to share OTP to confirm the cancellation. But if I will have no idea about parcel, then in that case I will not even share my name. I will simply ask the delivery person to mention something like incorrect address or wrong recipient in his app. I will not even entertain him, I will politely request him to leave as I have no idea what's going on. Giving the OTP will validate that I hold the phone number that they have in record. 
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Same ekart order

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a deliver boy from ekart came to deliver a parcel  which i have not ordered. and he deliver the same at home  and take cash , when i am reach home and see this fake packet . the same packet return by us to ekart on 16th feb 2024. still i am not received a refund the same. i am visit so many time . ekart office is in transport nagar lucknow.

can any one help me .


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ye sab mere saath kyu nahi hota 

i dont get any fraudsters calls, Fake orders, lottery scams 



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Bhagwan ki Kripa hain.

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