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I had some common bad shopping experiences. But Shopping at Rediff “RUINED MY TIME SO BAD”.

I have ordered a foldable wardrobe (Order number: 11359061). I ordered on March 25th, as they promised 4-6 business days for delivery. I wanted to gift this to a friend before she leaves abroad. I called them so many times after said time. They are clueless about the status of the product. The Rediff guys say the prouct has been handed over to Gati Courier on APril 2nd (after promised date they handed over the product) and gave me a reference number (588413716). When I called Gati, they kept on telling me the package is in transit for 7 days and today (April 9th) they told me that they dont know the status of the product and have to raise a complaint. Rediff told me that if I need refund, it will take another 5-6 business days (so i can count another new moon). My friend was really upset that “I made very wrong choice of shopping service”.

Guys do not shop on this website thinking they are giving offers. They just want MONEY.. All they want is pulling the customer to buy stuff on their website. After that its their wish whether or not to send it. they just hold money and live on interest. The customer care just read lines like “apologise for inconvenience” stuff. They dont have any bit in them at all. DON’T BUY at Rediff and Ruin your hope of online shopping experience.

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