Finally calculator is coming to IPAD + APPLE intelligence

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Apple wwdc 

Apple has finally launched CALCULATOR on IPAD along with some interesting features But again it's being tied to some unique Apple things like Apple pencil 

And There's APPLE INTELLIGENCE another way for Apple to bring it's own set of features although restricted to IPhone 15 pro & above devices due to processing constraints, funny enough that that's the OPENAi integration with apple twist 

And God there's SIRI being integrated with APPLE INTELLIGENCE, jury is still out in whats the real use case is 🤣🤣

And not to forget Apple is aiming to gain new services revenue stream 😁

What's your take on this apple wwdc

And not to forget IOS 18 which has some cute Androidy features which are there for years 

Ios is compatible all the way from Xr 

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Few people are  bewildered by thus apple move including Elon musk...🙄🙄

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so iPhones will finally have native call recording? I was just about to buy a Samsung and then I heard this. Guess my next phone will be an iPhone

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i feel really bad for apple users.
I mean they will be celebrating launch of calculator app in 2024, really !!!!
They are always deprived from such basic necessities and yet they pay 3-4 times than the Android user.

God bless apple users 🍎
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Calculator app existed for iPads and iPhone even before. Now u can write (using apple pencil like you do on a paper) the equations and apple solved it for you.. even complex ones like logarithmic 

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f'k fruit flies....

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What do you mean?? 

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aaap kya aur kisliye yeh post kii, yeh to bataiyee?

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