finally, got my sbi cashback credit card. please suggest how and where can I save in best way?

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Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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hmmm read the already available Posts and topics here with high heat for SBI Cashback card:) as its a infamous card already details available all around in DD

do some simple search in DD

dont wanna spam again and again with same info:) already good and great posts are available here:)

so do check that and read it:) with some effort smile

Spearhead Spearhead
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Documents needed?

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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income proofs (bank statement mostly) and aadhar and typical KYC

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Pro DealBaba Pro DealBaba
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Why u applied  for this card?

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You can find those details in secret threads.

To access those secret threads, if you're viewing this on desktop, then scroll up on this page, in top right corner you can find one top secret tool, that looks like an input & is called 'search'. There is a magic green button as well on right of it, which looks like magnifying glass. PLEASE MAKE USE OF IT.

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