Do you know anyone who owns a Xbox One Fat/ S/X console?
23 days left

First ever Hack / Jailbreak for Xbox One Fat/S/X coming, Hurry

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video for detailed setup process.

First ever Jailbreak for last gen Xbox One Fat/S/X. Setup the Xbox system ASAP before new firmware (OS) update released.
Don't go beyond OS version:

"More than decade after its release, the XBox One is apparently getting an exploit, based on a proof of concept by hacker Carrot_c4k3.

There are specific steps you need to follow in order to run the upcoming hack: in particular, you need to download and install the Game Script App, but then need to make sure you don’t update your console beyond the vulnerable firmware (which is apparently 10.0.25398.4478)"



For anyone who might be concerned about legality of jailbreaking. Yes, jailbreaking your own device is  legal, even to play the backups of games you have purchased ( New or second hand). Piracy is not legal.

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kakarrot hacked carrot?

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Explain please? 

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