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If I am flying from "City A" to "City C" and I am getting flight with a layover in "City B" with a stopover time of 4 to 10 hours, lets assume fare is INR 15000.

Can I increase the stopover time to 2-3 days in the same fare (~15000) ?  

*   "City B" and "City C" are in different countries with visa on arrival facility.

Sorry, if it sounds like a noob question. smile

Please guide.

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If one has open tickets and airlines allow rescheduling of flights (say due to medical emergencies or on a case to case basis, as an exception) then sometimes changes in PNR might be possible.
But mostly if all the sectors are booked under a single PNR, without using flexifare options or such schemes, such requests would not be entertained.

One has also got to be cautious if the company (airline) has strict policies about 'skiplagging' and the PAX have to use the airline often.
(One has to be cautious against the airline mistakenly think of it as skiplagging.)
Some international carrier penalise customers who avail skiplagging tactics and some are even known to blacklist such PAX from flying again for a while.
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Check the two tickets ie from source to layover location for T days and layover to destination on T+2 day. If prices appear reasonable to you book that. It is not possible to increase layover duration or travel date from layover location to destination after booking as far as i know.

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It's called stopover, but available for very limited international routes only.

Flight operator provides this to increase tourism in their country.

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