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flipkart account hack, very serious issue, everyone beaware

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my account is hacked and i am continuously contacting flipkart customer care from 26-09-2021, as per cc request i logout from all the devices and changed password in friends apple laptop, apple phone. Even after changing the password , hacker was able to find the password with in minutes which is a clear indication that the hacker is able to get the password from flipkart’s data base. from 26-09-2021 i contacted flipkart cc more than 10 times, i spent more than 10 to 15 hours in speaking with customer care , but cc support was not able to provide any resolution. Hacker is very advanced . he used all the loopholes from the flipkart. first loophole : 1) flipkart data base breach 2) hacker is able to get the password in minutes 3) hacker changes the password of the customers and sends 10 otp requests continuously to customers mobile number and after that for login with otp option – server says maximum limits reached and customer also cant change the password . Hacker uses that option and he places the order with next day delivery option , even customer also cant cancel it as he couldnt login with otp option. this is a serious loophole from flipkart. The product is about to deliver today and the mobile number given by courier is not working, even the mobile number given for delivery of the product is not working. Please tell your courier person to stop the delivery.

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sitapodila227 wrote:

flipkart is not at all helpful, hacker cancelled my iphone 12 order and shoes order.

no hacker is free to mess with people like u n me. it is ur wellwisher who is doing this.
only flipkart can help in this case. is there a way to logout from all devices in fk? @getready @andromeda

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This is the mail I sent to flipkart. Today flipkart has introduced Otp login with out password.
My account has been hacked and i have been pursuing with the flipkart customer care relentlessly from 26-09-2021. As per cc request, i logged out from all the devices and changed password from Apple phone and MacBook, assuming that there was hack in my Windows OS. Even after changing the password , hacker could retrieve my password within minutes which is a clear indication that the hacker could access my password from the Flipkart’s data base. Since 26-09-2021 , I have been in contact with Flipkart Customer care for innumerable times(More than 30-40 calls) and spent more than 20 – 25 hours talking to the customer care executive, but the support team has no clue what I have been going through and they were not able to provide any resolution and the worst part is I have to narrate everything from scratch to every customer care executive i was in contact with. There were also many instances where the executive listens to my grievances for more than 30 minutes and cuts the call after putting my call on on hold, which really drains out all my energy. The Hacker is very sophisticated and used all the loopholes and bugs from the flipkart. The loopholes are:

1) once we login in apple device with flipkart account and password , even after changing password, email and mobile number , logout from the account in apple phone will not happen . This is a serious security issue from flipkart side. Hacker has been exploiting this loophole and placing new orders with the amount in flipkart wallet with out using otp and also continuously cancelling my orders.

2) Hacker could easily retrieve my password in no time

3) Hacker changes the password and sends 10 OTP requests continuously to customer’s mobile number and post that the customer cant change the password as the number of OTPs are limited to 10. When I try to login , there is an error showing please try after 24 hours.

Hacker uses this option and places the order with the next day delivery option and the customer doesn’t have an option to cancel as customer can’t login with in 24 hours as hacker uses exhaust Otp trick .This is a serious loophole from Flipkart, which puts millions of customers Data at stake. I have deactivated my Flipkart account and also changed my mobile number and mail ID expecting that my details won’t be compromised. However, to my disbelief, after ordering IPhone 12 , 128 GB phone and other Major transactions which I made during the billion sale( orders images attached) were cancelled by the hacker and he had placed the order himself to ahmedabad location ( address is mahi, Prem chand nagar bodakdev, ahmedabad- 380054, mobile number : 8717829803). Now price of iphone is also increased , purchased at 52000, now it is 56000. So it is clear that even after deactivating the account , one can place orders in the deactivated account which is another security issue from the flipkart side.

With a heavy heart, I hereby say that I have not received a single clarification from Flipkart on this matter as to what exactly went wrong. Being a Flipkart plus member for so long, this no response attitude & no communication process of Flipkart is very painful and terrifying. I have been continuously trying to contact Flipkart through all means & written several mails but have received no response till date. This is creating a lot of doubt & confusion in my mind & making me feel more uncomfortable with Flipkart . A reply & communication is a must & expected to keep things smooth & transparent. I am of the opinion that flipkart is par above in support when compared to amazon, but on contrary it is not. No one from the support team have knowledge about the loopholes, and security issues in flipkart.

Kindly reply and resolve the issue at the earliest and also ensure that no other customer will go through all the hell I have been through. Please call me on 7013828649. Note : He placed 8 orders like the below orders and also he cancelled my iphone 12 orders 2 times and puma shoes order.

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Message to all flipkart customers :

an online shopper, it’s important you keep your accounts secure from fraudsters. To know more click here

We at Flipkart are constantly working on keeping your account safe while making your shopping experience hassle-free. As a part of this effort, an OTP based password-less login has been enabled. You can use this feature during the next login session for a seamless shopping experience.

In case you would like to continue with password-based login, you can do so by using the ‘reset password’ option available only on our website.

Here are a few important tips to keep in mind while choosing a new and strong password:

- Minimum of 8 characters
- Avoid commonly used words or easily guessed words/dates such as your name or date of birth
- Combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters such as (#, $, @)
- Avoid using similar passwords on multiple sites
- Do not write your password anywhere or share it with anyone

In case of any questions, please feel free to reach us by clicking here

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Similar thing happened to me, he used the ask otp option and i was getting continuous otp. I was never able to login with password, but ues with otp. Didnt have any money in it, but he used all coins to purchase vouchers, left over 50 coins he used to donate too. After that i changed the password somehow and after few days i was able to see some sexual wellness product in my cart. After that i changed the email account and now he is unable to login, i think. Looks like hackers got hold of passwords linked to rediffmail account, because 2 of my rediff account had same issue. What’s the point of complianing, flipkart cc is like govt job.