Flipkart account Verification

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I have a Blocked flipkart account.

Earlier when i tried to login it showed...

Account blocked and bla bla bla...

But now its showing unverified account and aski g for gov. ID. [SS attached]

Anyone else also got same error message for blocked account? Any possibility of account reactivation?


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Scamkart se dur rahein

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write a email from your registered email id with that screenshot. Let's see what they respond.

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Do not know about such things, but once when we had raised a dispute regarding https://flipkart.com/sellers?pid=EMLD8JF9TTQZ5PNH an electronic item (different item delivered than ordered), some frontline staff had sent an e-mail with similar request (send photo ID proof to this same e-mail address).

Begrudgingly we sent some voter ID photo, of a domestic staff and they were like no, the name on the account is different.

We shot of a furious email for some team leader type person from escalations to 'call' use instead, for live interaction.

He was understanding and said that you can give your own ID proofs too, we would not have access to download it or zero scope for misuse from our side.

My cousin was like, Mr. So and so.. we trust you as an individual, but may not have that feeling for the person from Flipkart company.

He too gave a nervous laugh.

But finally what we understood is that they are in the wrong by claiming that 'the seller has asked for it'.. whereas they themselves permanently store it in their own records and then also use the same for unrelated orders from other sellers.

After getting entangled so much, on the third call, he was like you take any Driving Licence or something of your senior citizen relative.. who do not have any banks or card that you feel scared about.

So we finally gave the photo of an expired licence of an aunt and they were like okay. Took the hand to hand replacement request and the different Eveready model that was earlier delivered was replaced by https://flipkart.com/sellers?pid=EMLD8JF9TTQZ5PNH HL51.

Technically they can go to same lengths are Telecom.Companies go to (for verification of ID proof), but practically the agent receiving that contact does some basic due diligence only.. based on the image sent.

Or so it was, couple of autumns back!
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