Flipkart and Delhivery [Worst Experience]

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Sharing my experience with flipkart and delhivery couriers..

I ordered a Digiflip Pro Tablet on 29th October and Paid for with my debit card.. It was a gift for my nephew..
It reached the destination on 31st and I still didn’t get the delivery by 5th November. During this phase I had called Delhivery’s Customer care for almost 5 times.. They didn’t give me number for the destination branch and they said it will be delivered and the same recorded message for several times..

I finally cancelled order on 6th Nov.. Flipkart said my refund will be initiated when the product reaches their warehouse.. I had been patient.. several calls to flipkart and same response..

I ordered another tablet and asked them to deliver it by ekart which was delivered in next 3 days.. This was also prepaid and this order was complete.

today on nov 14, the Delhivery guy knocks on the door and says here is your tablet.. which was returned cause we had already gotten the same piece from different order a few days ago.. I called customer service of delhivery and they said “We did not recieve any intimation from flipkart that the order was cancelled”.. Now flipkart says They will initiate refund only when the product is recieved by them at the warehouse.

Now , I am in total shock how can the communication between the seller and it courier partner be so bad?

Why flipkart chose delhivery instead of ekart?

why delhivery people cannot reveal the local branch office number, are we going to ambush them?

delhivery guys are slow in updating status, I don’t know whether they say it was returned or delivered.. I highly doubt them as it is a prepaid parcel.

Reading on internet, I came to know that delhivery is by far the worst courier service.. I don’t know why flipkart would even chose them to work with.

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1. Delhivery is not the worst.
2. Refund is only approved once it reaches back to them, it is general practice for all e retailers.
3. The communication is between retailer n courier company is weak until you accidentally sold a Note 4 at Rs 10 and wants to hold the delivery. In that case, you may try as if its death and life question. And in this case, it wasn’t, so don’t expect a good communication between them.

Now your fault here is, the way you rejected. You didn’t mention anything over Here and said you are afraid if it was rejected or marked as delivered. When you reject a parcel, sign it and write next to it ‘REJECTED’. This is how to do to have a peaceful night. Now wait and keep on checking their status.

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I did Reject by Signing.. Now the status says rejected and finally my refund can be initiated.

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Even I had problem with Delhivery.. I told flipkart not use Delhivery.. They said their ekart logistics can’t take load (BBD days), so they’re shipping through other partners.. Now all my orders are shipping through eKart only.. While my friend in next building get some by Delhivery

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The product with od id - OD427278694909828100 has been picked up that i had purchased from flipkart.. M providing the proof regarding this and i have reached to the delivery agent and he gave me a screen shot showing that the product has reached to the seller on 1 march itself. I want my refund . If I didn't get the refund I will go to consumer court for justice.. I know The team is also not working on it.. If it would have been then they would have looked out AWB  no  5963660300430.

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