Flipkart flights booking pending issue

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I booked flight through Flipkart for 15th may  and since last 8 hours it's showing pending status ,

Money has been paid and since then pending status and neither pnr generated nor confirmation on ticket.

Raised concern with cc

What are the possible outcomes
Will the booking confirmation come
Or they will cancel it ?

Price have also increased with around 1k

What are the steps further
Has anybody faced such issue with Flipkart travels before?

Plz guide
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Fair has been increased you will be told to pay the diff or cancel booking at no extra cost

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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But wasn't it their fault keeping it in pending state for so long that eventually resulted in fares increase

Is there anything I can complaint against them
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If they have given any reference ID for the transaction then can directly cross-check with Make My Trip if the payment is cleared or whatever is the status, besides again reaching out to FlipK, which might actually be re-routed to MakeMyTrip contact center only.

If the alternative to file a dispute with the card issuer or bank is on your mind, exercise it.

With BreakMyTrip one cannot day much, but otherwise things get patched within rhis timeline.

Not flight bookings, but on Amazon.. having utility bills payments or even mobile recharges in a dead zone/ black hole for hours together is nothing new.

Once on a weekday, an Airtel prepaid recharge done around 2130-2200 hours went zombie till around morning 0530-0600 hours. Neither Amazon, nor the operator did anything about it.
(Amazon version was literally: chillax and wait, we do nothing unless it has been 24 hours).

Stopped using Amazon since, for electricity/utility bills payments and mobile connection payments.

At-least I have zero hopes of Break My Trip honouring a rebooking at higher rate, by refunding the difference. FlipK might at best offer some alms if pressed for a better resolution, in case the current booking finally fails.
Although I am hopeful of it succeeding.
Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Booking not confirmed from Flipkart end

And they have initiated the refund

I should have opted for some better alternative beforehand rather booking with Flipkart , totally 3rd class experience

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