Flipkart has apparently gone mad

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Instead of showing 39,999 it is showing 59,999 for a 43,999 phone. Such an attractive offer😍. And not to forget it’s the first thing you see right when you open the app.imagepickerB0978220-FC63-4297-AF35-730B53641B81-6566-00000378635591F0

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Really gone mad not apparently

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Murga pehle daaru mein chalang Marta hai 

And fir ye murge ko murgi ke saath date par bhej kar khate hai 😅

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Just checed it is showing 44k with card it will cost 40k

So some graphic designer makes an error Flipkart gone mad? 

Nice very nice

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This morning i saw 2000 off on 2000 purchase in fk grocery smile

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could you looted this ?

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When you submit your resign and your boss gives you heavy work load 


Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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some 30K employee is probably getting fired, i guess.

Deal Captain Deal Captain
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seems like someone is on notice
Hunk Hunk
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Pricing issue hoga bhai config file me, isme Flipkart Flipkart krke kyu ro rhe ho. Dev se miss ho gya hoga. Bura hai iska matlab ye nhi ki har cheez me rote rho. Kam daam dikhata hai aur order nhi hota hai tab rote ho jyada dikha rha tab bhi ro rhe.

Flipkart be like: kre to kre kya jaye to jaye kha

Generous Generous
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from FLOPkart to MADkart

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