Flipkart is banning accounts indiscriminately whenever there is an issue

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I am a long term flipkart user.

Never faced an issue with orders, even high valued ones.

Recently ordered a item of 1K+ along with other items. I got the delivery of a box which says it has this 1K+ item along with a 200rs item. But it had only 200rs item. So whole item was missing and there is no way on earth the big item of 1K+ can come inside this small box.

I raised the query and escalated it as well. Everyday they are taking time to ask for 1 more day. Its been a week but no progress. I searched for this sort of issue in twitter and it appears its very common and they are banning accounts if you try to push hard for resolution !

I have seen many many incidents of folks having a long term flip kart account. literally no return but when they face issue and ask for resolution, they are banned with arbitrary terms !

Also why on earth they ask for ID proof – This is illegal one cannot demand Aadhar card and PAN card for simple returns. I know they have faced frauds earlier but cant they check the account history and total purchases done so far, along with return % before doing it??

Beware folks ! Do not order high value items from flipkart – they have gone for dogs ! If you face issue, the will ban you if you try hard to find the resolution

I am thinking of not pushing my issue to consumer court as I do not want to get my account banned . Anyways I will never get refund of this money – Even consumer court approach is not worth the high effort- But will always use flipkart for <500Rs shopping items.

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“Do not order high value items from flipkart”
actually high value items are relatively safe as more care is taken by FK and seller also cheating by seller very less chances
Petty sellers do these frauds
Even I have ordered few mixed products of 200-300-1K this sale and in transit pensive – so far never had issue – wish me luck

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I ordered this from RetailNet seller – So its filpkart itself. I never order from third party sellers still faced the same issue.

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yes, flipkart is number one in blocking accounts

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This is nothing new w/ Flipkart. AI Account blocking when you raise a return/replacement request ( Something about the account history/ product return that’s triggered the blocking.. not sure about the exact reason, they won’t disclose ever )
If your account is clean, unblock will happen automatically like it happened in the below mentioned case

That being said, FK is so much better now.. blocking/Suspending of accounts is not so frequent compared to 2017-2019 period. You can try mailing the escalations team

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What u ordered? Links?

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raman12 wrote:

@guest_999 any advice?

Everyone has a different experience, if you are a genuine user who rarely order stuff for others & raise only reasonable refund request then most likely no issue should come up.

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They now asked me to share aaadhar card details to process refund. My gut feeling they will reject the request or ban the account as per the Twitter trends.

What should I do afterwards ? Raise a consumer court complaint ? Anyone has experience dealing with flipkart fraud – Do they respect online complaint or anyother email id apart from [email protected] ?