Flipkart is now a Shitshow

Flipkart is now a Shitshow

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So i ordered Asus phone during big billion sale on exchange of one plus 3. The delivery guy came and told that the phone is not in prime condition as there is minor scratch near the volume key. I told him that a 2 yr phone can’t be in new condition but he said that company only wants phone in new condition.
I ordered the phone again during the next sale without exchange. But within 5 days of receiving the phone i noticed that there are 2 dead pixels on the screen. I contacted flipkart for return/replace and they schedule a jeeves tech visit. The guy checks my phone and said that it doesn’t looks like dead pixel. Then he said it is not a major issue. I told him that it’s a major issue for me so please exchange it or repair it. Finally he mentioned in his repair form that phone has dead pixels and took my sign.

Next day i checked my complain and it says that the issue is resolved. I called CC and they said that tech has mentioned that the issue has been resolved by them, i said that the issue is not resolved and there tech are shit anyways. They said that they would look into it further.

Then i received an email that they tried contacting me to no avail. I again contacted them but it looks they are just trying to ignore my issue. Can someone please help me? What should be my next step?

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