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Hi all,

So recently I purchased moto g34 from Flipkart with old mobile exchange. I was not able to complete the mobile exchange as it was not available at the time of delivery with me. I agree to pay the difference amount. In this case they charged me a pickup charge of Rs. 149 for mobile exchange at the time of placing order but they didn't refund me this amount. As the exchange didn't take place refund should have been given. I have approached them via Twitter (X) and they refused for refund of pickup charges. I would like to raise this to concern authority in the flipkart, if anyone can share the email contact that would be really useful.

Any suggestions regarding this will be welcome.

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Possible cause of no refund is your denial to not handover old handset meant for exchange.

They might have scheduled and paid pickup agent for smooth transaction. And you might have denied pickup at your doorstep. So you are not eligible for refund 

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There is already an amount of 89 Rs for shipping and secured packaging fee in the bill.

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@feel @kunal7121994 attached images show that after the exchange got cancelled the final price should be Rs. 12048  with shipping fee, that's why I got suspicious but flipkart at Twitter denied to refund this amount (pickup charges).

I have paid total amount 10396+2000 = 12396
Device cost = 11999
Shipping = 49
Pick up charge = 149
Extended warranty = 199

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Did you get refund of the pick up charges

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Bcc: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

☟email body example☟

Subject: Seeking redressal against unethical forfeiture of charges for the service never rendered.

Hello team,

In all the years of having put our faith in the Flipkart group, SINCE ITS INCEPTION, more than 15 years back
it deeply saddens me to see such turn of events.

chronology (explain)

but can try to avoid admitting to guilt/failure on your own part.
Instead try ro shift the onus of the failed pickup on the logistics partner/EKL somehow
on 'unavoidable circumstances' (make something up, if needed).

I request some 'real' escalations person (L3/L4) who can communicate in «LANGUAGE» to kindly get in touch via live contact (voice call) on +91-987-6543-210 or on +91-012-3456-789
during daylight hours on any day (or add exceptions. any day except ___day).

A timely and unambigous response is HIGHLY appreciated.
An unambiguous and timely response will go a long way to reinstill our faith in your business.

Much appreciate your time and efforts on this.


Obviously the (so called) escalations agents who gets assigned to your contact would not even read beyond the subject line. The paper trail of correspondence is for one's own records, evidence.

Obviously you would still get callback from some L2 (level two) CSA only, but they would introduce themselves as being from the escalation team.

Obviously they would not bother to check/note which numbers you have provided in the e-mail, for the callback.

Obviously, in 8 out of 10 instances they would call you at the fag end of their tiring workday. They would/might be in a hurry to wrap up the contact ASAP. May want to RUSH TOWARDS offering a 'resolution' (to be able to mark the issue 'resolved).
Forcing/requesting the calls to be by 1730 hours or thereabouts (daylight hours) is one way to ensure that random person does bot call at nine o'clock in the night.

Obviously you might end up feeling just as dejected if neither the detailed e-mail nor the call (with the cs-head/ grievance.officer team) yield much on the first or second contact.
But one has to persist.

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@jake.host thank you so much for sharing the format.

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So I also ordered Moto G84 5g and it is not yet shipped. Today I initiated chat with executive to ask for the refund amount if I cancel my order. 

He called me instantly and when I queried he ask that 150 will be cancellation charges. 

I told him product is not yet shipped and I didn't used any services rendered by Fk. I disconnected the call saying I will contact consumer forum. Later I received call from same person saying If you cancel the product It will initially show 150 less than paid amount and later when your cancellation will approve it will be for full amount you paid. 

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Does flipkart give the exchange price quote as shown

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