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Flipkart new game or quiz is coming knowledge ki jung #beat the genius 😇 the quiz show hosting by Manish Paul stay tuned be ready to win 5sc 😄

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Flipkart – Beat The Genius Answers

Episode 1 – Prathiba Ki Khoj

1. In which state would you find khajuraho temples?
Answer. Madhya Pradesh

2. Ms Dhoni announced his retirement from international cricket with a social media post featuring which song ?
Answer. Main pal do pal ka shayar hoon

3.The former chairman of which indian business house was the first licensed pilot in india?
Answer. Tata

4. How many languages are there on the language panel of an Indian rupee note?
Answer. 15

5. A symbolic representation of what food item was found on the official flag of the nizams of hyderabad
Answer. Kulcha

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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Beat the genius episode 2 answers
1.Thalassery / Ambur / Dindigul / Kolkata and Awadhi are types of what dish? :

2. In June 2020 which cyclone hit the western coast of India? :

3. What is the Civil Aircraft Registration Country Code for planes registered in India? :

4. After which sufi saint did Emperor Akbar name his son – who became emperor Jahangir? :
[‘Sheikh Salim Chishti’]

5. Which asura in hindu mythology was the son of Vajranga & Vajrangi and could only be killed by a child? :