Flipkart not accepting HDFC Business Credit Cards

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Flipkart not accepting HDFC Business Credit Cards.
Beware of HDFC business cards before applying.
Most of the Paytm POS also not accepting HDFC Business Cards
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oh HDFC Business Cards in the sense? corporate cards? 

will HDFC Business money back comes under it?

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Any apparent reason for non acceptance? What's the logic...

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Earlier, HDFC visa/mastercard Business credit card was not working on discount offers and few selected products on Amazon.

Later, HDFC RuPay Business credit card users also start complaining about not working few selected products on Amazon.

Now Flipkart also start not accepting HDFC business credit cards ?

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Does network matter? Are HDFC Business cards on RuPay being accepted? I know for a fact that my Mastercard Business MoneyBack was not working for offers at Amazon and Visa business cards not working for Flipkart either

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Two things

1. The business Part is the issue, I think. These websites give discounts, cashbacks for normal users(not always, but still.)

They don't want the business people to take advantage of this. This way they could offer more, They want to cast a wider net for the general public.

They are also pushing for business accounts. They probably want people to open separate business accounts instead of using their personal account.

2. Could be a mastercard and hdfc issue. Deadly combo that leads to a dead card joy.

Just what I think.
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Business cards have MDR charges of 3.00% - 3.50% + GST for merchants

hence most merchants keep it disabled

while non business master and visa cards can go as low as 0.75%

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