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I have ordered TV on EMI and scheduled delivery for further date from flipkart. Now I want cancel order but Flipkart is not allowing to cancel it says "Cancellation is not possible for this order". Contacted customer care, they also not able to cancel it.

Called my bank as well but they are saying cancellation has to come from Merchant only.

I also escalated a lot to get early delivery, because I have mistakenly done for future date but they couldn't do it as ell.

Order Date : 25th April

Shipping date : 11th May

Delivery by : 13th May

Installation : 16th

Can I refuse delivery of the TV on doorstep?

Any idea how to get rid of this order and get refund. 


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Just don't accept delivery, it will probably be an order with otp so just don't give otp and ask to cancel

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I had one such issue with a bed order. I wanted to change address, but they were not accepting, even though distance was just 2 kms (although pincode was different).

Luckily My order was cod. When they called for delivery, I just told I am not available and don't need it and they took it back.

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U can reject the delivery...but i think it will cause bad impact on ur account.. One doubt.. The product is already ontheway ? Y u waited this much days?
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delivery date is 13th May which is like another 72hrs to go and you have mentioned "by mistake gave a future date from your end" - seeing this I thought the delivery was like after 2-3months 😀.. but order date is 25-Apr and if you have created this thread on 26-Apr atleast then it makes sense for fellow dimers to comment.. best is to wait for another 3 days and take the delivery instead of waiting for refund from FK which I guess they might wantedly delay as there was no mistake at their end.. (again this is the option unless you really wanted the TV in the first place)

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