Flipkart Not delivering apple laptop

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I ordered 4 times apple laptop at 64K.

Every thime they cancel the order and issue refund.

I don't know why they are behaving like this?

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Try with different account and with changing details.

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Agree. That or the payment methods, if card, could be internally flagged too (if card has often been used for various purposes).

Sadly in Flipkart even the super escalations do not get a proper update on their own internal queries.
Else if the backend confirms anything like pricing error or location not serviced (due to various local issues and/or taxation or such), then the super escalations can at-least convey as much to the customer.
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maybe location issues 

try with different address or location 

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I have only 1 home then how do I change the location?

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If that cancellation is instant and immediately as soon as the order is placed, it's the account issue, so create new account on another device and must change internet service too.

If that cancellation is not instant, but before shipping, then you are failed to approve the transaction confirmation alert you receive after completing the transaction. If it's not the case and it's getting cancelled after shipping, I don't know the reasons really but can suggest you to change account better fresh account on fresh device.

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