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I brought HP 250 Wireless Optical Mouse for Rs.749/- (Link Given Above) last week & it was delivered in 2 days time as it was ASSURED, upon opening the pack, it was not in the plastic pouch & the dongle was missing & it also had faint usage marks on the bottom, I immediately signed for replacement & it was sent to me the very next day, but the guy refused to give it to me because he wanted the dongle as well, where am I supposed to bring the dongle from when I did not get it as this is was the main reason why I was returning the product.

This Mouse was listed for Rs.999/- on Amazon & just to save Rs.250, I brought it from Cheatkart & while ordering, I was having a doubt at the back of my head that if there will be any issue, it will be a pain to get it resolved.

I never had this problem with Amazon from until the day it started, minor issues which got resolved immediately, there was an issue where Amazon even credited 1k voucher to me for the inconvenience caused to me.

This is the second time this has happened to me with Cheatkart, once I had ordered some Branded Indigo Powder & they sent me some powder in transparent pouch which looked dhania powder & the guy who came to take the return insisted on the pouch listed & after having argument for few days, my money was refunded.

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