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is there any way flipkart paylater money can be used for bill payments electricity,insurance etc

otherwise if anybody have near future plan of 20k to 30k purchase on flipkart then dm me  we can coordinate ordering that will help in utilizing this credit

Thanks in advance

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Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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I don't like there service they are charging xtra % of money ... Amazon pay later is good

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It's a waste service now,

They charge nasty Convenience Fee even for small amounts, with no rewards...

Better to go for CCs

Comrade Comrade
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Closed long ago

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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I was always debating whether to get paylater from flipkart after i got amazon paylater being so useful, 

but seems flipkart is worst now with convenience fee and usage fees for paylater.. 

Thank god i didnt opened flipkart paylater lol

Amazon paylater is best

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