For Existing Customers Who Own Honda Amaze or Brio


Hi Folks,

If you currently own a Honda Amaze or Brio (gen 1) vehicle from 2015, 2016, this thread could be of help.

I accidentally bumped into a few colleagues off late who own the Honda Amaze, Brio and was discussing about an issue which I was facing in my vehicle. I later on realized that the same issue persists with others as well.

ISSUE: Its with the cluster meter!

You would at times not hear the tick tock sound when you press the indicator. Most of the folks have ignored this and are now ok with this fault.

Ideally, their should be a brand recall for this issue and should be addressed even if our vehicle is out of warranty period.

I had got it replaced twice during warranty period and the issue persists and now they say that your car is out of warranty.

Support needed from fellow dimers:

1) Do tell me, if you own a similar gen vehicle and are facing the same issue

2) Any known escalation points/ forums how we could get a formal response from Honda India (as Honda One2One is just giving generic replies on out of warranty)

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Yes I had this issie in my Honda Brio but I have sold it.

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I also own Honda Brio 2014

Same issue

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