For those who were having issues upgrading Amazon Wallet

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I had been having issues upgrading my amazon wallet and hence was not able to use the amazon wallet balance to transfer the amount. And I had come across some people who were also having this issue. So here's the fix:

- Open amazon app

- Go to Amazon Pay

- Go to Amazon Pay Balance

- Go to Manage - Account Settings

- Re-enter your phone number and it will verify it.

- Done. You'll be able to upgrade the amazon pay now.

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It says your mobile number is verified and when it goes back to original screen again says verify your mobile number. I have done this 10 times

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Using a browser, try deleting and then adding the same or a different number on the non DOT IN (non India) site, like or or or ANY other except dot IN.
if you have a screen capture photo/video to share here, of the issue.. please do.
If not comfortable doing so, Fine.
Can check with the Account security aka login and security aka 'account change' team by arranging a call-back via the or
⚠️be warned though⚠️ that Amazon is an 'equal opportunity employer. And since they had already hired too many Homo sapiens in the L2, L3, L4 positions in the customer service department, not the calls/ chats/ e-mails are mostly only handled by the freshly hired chimpanzees.
And they often operate at an entirely different wavelength.
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What is the upgrade about?

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It's just an old amazon pay wallet upgrade which we can use for upi payments. Some people were having issues upgrading the wallet and hence they were not able to use amazon wallet balance for upi transfer. 

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