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FnP is nothing else than bunch of frauds and liars who are only interested in taking away all your money and do not even bother to provide appropriate information when customer service is approached. I ordered rakhi for my brother and they asked me to choose delivery date. On that date (2 days before rakhi) when it did not get delivered I called customer care for than 10 times to know that status. These morons kept on telling me not to worry and they will deliver rakhi ‘BEFORE RAKHI DAY’. On the day of rakhi still it was not delivered to my brother and I called again than they started giving me all these bullsheets that it was just estimated delivery date and do not worry we will deliver your order ‘AS SOON AS POSSIBLE’. In two days I almost wasted more than 5 hours with their customer service but all in vain. Even after giving me tracking order which showed that rakhi will deliver after 6 days of rakhi, their cheater customer service agents kept on lying that order is out for delivery. When I requested for order cancellation as there was no point in delivering rakhi once festival is over, at first they kept on telling that they can not cancel the order and finally one of the CSR uttered the truth saying he can cancel the order but I will not get the refund. So I got to know that the f***ng morons are only interested in my money. BTW I had spent 9K+ amount for international delivery of my order and more than 5 hours with their customer service ( which they should also count while calculating refund amount as we are not totally free just for chasing them) . So in and all these ass***les are nothing else than bunch of liars and frauds who just take away our hard earn money

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@charmy296991 lets us know if your brother received rakhi or not yet. If you can let us know in which city he stays then may be we can help you from our side to get it delivered. 

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I know fnp has terrible delivery experience even when the try to deliver order in a place, just 2 km away. But you said international delivery, where does your brother live? In some USA place?

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9k+ for a Rakhi International !!!!

Should have contacted the USA/ Canada local Shopkeeper on email or call for the Task

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