Fraud Customer Onboarding by Paisbazar and RBL bank

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Yesterday I received a message that the 5 lakh limit is pre approved for my RBL bank duet credit card around 1 pm then shortly after I received SMS for an OTP for the application I never shared this OTP and suddenly after 30-40 mins I started receiving messages to complete my KYC

Today I got call from RBL bank to complete KYC when I confronted the guy asking how you initiated the application without OTP he transferred his call to manager, after talking to his manager he informed me email I'd that was mentioned on my application which was totally wrong and fake, my cbil will get impacted and this is total fraud way of adding customers

I already email both RBL bank and paisabazzar with all screenshots and proofs

What else should be done here??
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This is total scam how can they initiate application without OTP?? That means they can do for every breathing person in India that way

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Complain to RBI

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RBI Ombudsman to the rescue , if you were able to follow up for 6 months lol

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RBL is not a bad bank from my experience but the thing is its credit card is associated with every possible idiot company like paisabazaar, bajaj card etc etc.., So because of them, RBL has the highest complaints of all the banks.

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I got this card without OTP sharing thru phone call based application. OTP for adhaar based kyc is to be entered on their website application link

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