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The purpose of sharing this is to protect honest companies out there from such fraudulent activities. KI Global is a company that deceives the public to believe that it provides Food Products, Metals, Chemicals, Minerals, and Petroleum Products.

The deceiving company, KI Global, is also active on Linkedin and Facebook under the name “Deepak Kumar” or “Deepak Marmat” who is a shrewd operator but in the end very dishonest.

Moreover, they have 2 other companies that perform similar fraudulence activities.

  • Kalyani Trading Company
  • Grolena Herbal

They are all registered under the same address: 25, Sector A, Mahalaxmi Nagar, Indore (M.P) – 452010, India.

Other individuals who are part of KI Global fraudulent company:

  • Amit Marmat,
  • Ramparasad Marmat
  • Dinesh Marmat.

Mr. Jascha Raadtgever of AL Qairawan General Trading, signed a contract of 270mt of PP yarn from Reliance with KI Global on the 21st of October 2021. The advance payment amount was $57,259.50 paid to KI Global. However, the product was never delivered and Deepak Kumar/Marmat disappeared with the deposit after a struggle to get the goods shipped. Many lies and games were played for 4 months but without any result.

Individuals who read this story of Al Qairawan getting deceived by KI Global might be wondering how Al Qairawan got in touch with KI Global in the first place. One of Mr. Jascha Raadtgever business contacts introduced him to KI Global. Mr. Raadtgever is still in touch with his business contact but KI Global representatives disappeared on both Mr. Raadtgever and his business contact.

However, if we come across any advertisements on the internet of KI Global, we will make sure to expose those ads and raise public awareness.

KI Global (fraud company) details:


Email: [email protected]





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hi  i would like to know more details of him scammer ,so pls let me know how to contact you .pls advise me your contact details or Mail id .. .One of victim of this scam 

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