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This is a curated list of IT, computer science and business courses with certificates & digital badges to earn upon completion.

Each course on the list is free to take as well as the badge and certificate. This list is hosted on Github to make it easier for anyone to add courses that offer certificates for free. Help us grow this list.

🏅 = "Digital Badge" and 🏆 = "Certificate of Completion"

Course Name Course Provider Level Hour(s) Reward
Intro to Cybersecurity Cisco Networking Academy Beginner 15 🏅
Cybersecurity Essentials Cisco Networking Academy Intermediate 30 🏅
Intro to Packet Tracer Cisco Networking Academy Beginner 10 🏅
Cybersecurity Fundamentals IBM / SkillsBuild Beginner 10 🏅
Information Security Certification FreeCodeCamp Professional 300 🏆
JR Penetration Tester TryHackMe Intermediate 64 🏆
Cyber Defense TryHackMe Intermediate 48 🏆
Red Teaming TryHackMe Intermediate 48 🏆
Offensive Testing TryHackMe Intermediate 47 🏆
Comptia Pentest+ TryHackMe Beginner 51 🏆
Web Fundamentals TryHackMe Beginner 32 🏆
Course Name Course Provider Level Hour(s) Reward
Responsive Web Design Certification FreeCodeCamp Professional 300 🏆
Front-End Libraries Certification FreeCodeCamp Professional 300 🏆
Selenium 101 LambdaTest Beginner 4 🏆
Angular HackerRank Beginner 1 🏆
React HackerRank Beginner 1.5 🏆
Node.js HackerRank Intermediate 1 🏆
Course Name Course Provider Level Hour(s) Reward
Back End Development and APIs Certification FreeCodeCamp Professional 300 🏆
CS403: Introduction to Modern Database Systems Saylor Academy Professional 42 🏆
REST API HackerRank Intermediate 1.5 🏆
MongoDB Basics MongoDB Beginner 8.5 🏆
MongoDB for SQL Pros MongoDB Beginner 2 🏆
MongoDB Cluster Adminstration MongoDB Beginner 9.5 🏆
MongoDB Aggregation Framework MongoDB Beginner 9 🏆
Crafting Conference Abstracts MongoDB Beginner 1.5 🏆
Atlas Security MongoDB Beginner 0.5 🏆
MongoDB Performance MongoDB Intermediate 7 🏆
MongoDB for Java Developers MongoDB Intermediate 7.5 🏆
MongoDB for JavaScript Developers MongoDB Intermediate 6.5 🏆
MongoDB for .NET Developers MongoDB Intermediate 6.5 🏆
MongoDB for Python Developers MongoDB Intermediate 6.5 🏆
Diagnostics and Debugging for MongoDB MongoDB Professional 6.5 🏆
MongoDB Data Modeling MongoDB Professional 7 🏆
Course Name Course Provider Level Hour(s) Reward
Programming Essentials In Python Cisco Networking Academy Intermediate 70 🏆
Scientific Computing with Python Certification FreeCodeCamp Professional 300 🏆
Python HackerRank Beginner 1.5 🏆
Intro to Graph Analytics in Python free course Memgraph Intermediate 3 🏅
Python 👆🏻
Theories and Concepts
Course Name Course Provider Level Hour(s) Reward
Quality Assurance Certification FreeCodeCamp Professional 300 🏆
CS101: Introduction to Computer Science I Saylor Academy Professional 52 🏆
CS102: Introduction to Computer Science II Saylor Academy Professional 42 🏆
CS201: Elementary Data Structures Saylor Academy Professional 38 🏆
CS202: Discrete Structures Saylor Academy Professional 44 🏆
CS301: Computer Architecture Saylor Academy Professional 48 🏆
CS302: Software Engineering Saylor Academy Professional 45 🏆
Problem Solving HackerRank Beginner 1.5 🏆
Problem Solving HackerRank Intermediate 1.5 🏆
Graph Modeling Email Course Memgraph Beginner 1 🏅
Course Name Course Provider Level Hour(s) Reward
Digital Marketing Google Beginner 40 🏅
Email Marketing SendinBlue Beginner 4 🏅
Project Management
Course Name Course Provider Level Hour(s) Reward
KICKOFF Project Management Institute Beginner 0.75 🏅
Project Management Essentials Management and Strategy Institute Beginner 0.75 🏅
Project Management Essentials Disaster Ready Beginner 5 🏅
Course Name Course Provider Level Hour(s) Reward
Customer Relationship Management Great Learning Beginner 1 🏆
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stay away from MongoDB

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Docs have become really good now i love the react foundation and next js doc make an habit to go though docs coz that is the fastest way currently no video can teach you how to be updated

dont waste you time to find the perfect way to lurn there is no such way you will have to create one that works for you

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