frequent sign out from My amazon application

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I have purchased new mobile and old one given in family.

in both mobile There are 2 amazon application running in dual mode.
This is working from long time.

After purchasing new one I swept both accounts in both mobile. After this I faced frequent sign out problem in all accounts.

This is happening from last 4 days.
What is the solution. Every time When I open app it required sign in.

please help
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Similar happening with me. Following.

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Next Account suspend... or no offers in that account... 🤣

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kukdookoo wrote:
Dual application in one phone, this means amazon will know that user is one? @getready @guest_999
They know? yes. Whether they do anything about it? it depends.
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Did you Logged out accounts in your old mobile ?

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yes logged out

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Use switch account option and it will work smoothly

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Same thing happening with me..I logged out from 1 acc and didn't login on the 2nd mobile derafter that's the only solution for me that worked.

Else if open 2nd amazon logged out from 1st if used 1st getting logged out from 2nd

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I unisntall dual app of amazon.

login only one account in both mobile.

Then use switch account mode in both mobile for other remaining account.

this works fine and no log out issue now.

thanks for help

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