Fully Digital Bank Account for Father : Suggestions Please


Mine is a 3rd tier city/town. It's well developed, so don't imagine a village, but that's to set the context that I only have India's major banks like HDFC, SBI, ICICI, Yes, BOB, PNB etc available and none of the obscure ones like IDFC or Kotak or similar.

My father is old school & has his primary device with the banking number in a keypad phone. He also has 2 smartphones for business use.

He needs an account to use UPI & for daily use, for which I'll need to open an account in the smartphone with a different number since his main number is gonna stay in the keypad one (so can't use UPI with it). We don't wanna go with a full fledged bank, so need it to be a virtual only account with less offline clutter like a physical card, cheques or branch visits etc.

I've heard Kotak is good but we don't have a branch, so can't get their account since RBI mandates a branch at the address of the holder.

Now from these 6 payments banks in India, I can choose one:

    • Fino Payments Bank
    • NSDL Payments Bank
    • India Post Payments Bank
    • Airtel Payments Bank
    • Paytm Payments Bank (They're a-holes, so would like to avoid unless they're really the last resort.)
    • Jio Payments Bank (Haven't had much experience with Jio but I don't have high hopes from their services.)

These are my requirements:

  1. Need a Visa/Mastercard virtual card.
  2. Should have good uptime, digital services & ease of use.
  3. The overall experience should be good.
  4. Preferably zero balance.

Please help in deciding a good one.

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Analyst Analyst
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or APB

Post Mogul Post Mogul
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Airtel Payments Bank they also give virtual mastercard alongwith

Wingman Wingman
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I opened Niyox acxount for my father. So far everything is fine.

Finance Mentor Finance Mentor
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Bob working well for me , opened online and never visited branch, using advantage account with 2k min balance, virtual and physical DC available (i have 3 rupay platinum for Amazon bill offer every month), UPI works well in payment apps as expected... Bob world app is above average, netbanking is old stuff ui and I seldom login...

Post Emperor Post Emperor
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Any annual charge ?

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Blaze Blaze
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I personally use jio payments banks . very good services till now except the bad UI of my jio app .
Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Kotak 911 best one

Finance Ninja Finance Ninja
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Kotak 811 bro😄
Finance Ninja Finance Ninja
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NSDL Payments Bank is the best option. I have never experienced any UPI downtime issues with them, unlike HDFC or ICICI. Additionally, they charge only 5.90Rs per month and offer a zero balance account.


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    I chose to go with them but idiots have a shitty app.

    The email field wouldn't allow typing the email. They have some kinda auto fetching from phone I think but it didn't work

    Couldn't proceed without email but can't type it

    Deleted the app.
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    Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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    Use HDFC savings account with Payzapp. more safe than others. Debit card is free for senior citizens. Minimum balance will be there. You can fully operate digitally.

    Critic Critic
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    Does Airtel Payment Bank have charges ? I see quite a complex TnC: https://www.airtel.in/bank/bank-c...es
    It says 0 MAB savings account, yet mentions AMC of 100+GST. Can someone who's using it, please point out the charges in general ?

    Hunk Hunk
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    This year Rs.118 deducted from my Airtel Payments Bank account as Yearly Subscription fee sunglasses @BlueFlash

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