Galaxy Watch 4 charging issue

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Received and set up my galaxy watch 4 around half an hour ago. I plugged it in around 30 mins ago. It shows 1 hour 44 min left for full charge. 30 mins has passed and still it is showing 1 hour 33 minutes left and it got charged only 2% in 30 mins.

Is it an issue with my watch or is it happening just because I'm not using a Samsung charger?

Thanks in advance.


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I am using Watch 6 and my Watch charges around 50% in 30 minutes

I don't use wall charger, only use provided Watch charger with Power Bank or Laptop

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Unsupported charger is the reason.

I tried to charge with vooc, supervooc charger. Same results as yours were achieved.

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It happened to me once. Tried every charger in my house, but same result. I just left it to charge fully once. Was fixed in the next recharge cycle.

If you've tried different chargers, then maybe it's just a cycle issue. 

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