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Hi Dimers,

A Request for tax experts in the field, i just wanted to know if there is any way we can generate a tax computation from a filed Income tax JSON file??

It used be there in the taxcloudindia but now its paid portal, can someone help providing the name of a tool where we just upload the JSON and we can fetch a computation summary in Word/PDF.


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This is something we all need. Very hectic to do manually in Excel.

Anybody if you know any way?

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Why would need tax computation from a filed tax return? Wouldn't you have done it or seen it before filing the return?

Or is it for verification purposes?

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@Demondealer Sometimes the ITR calculations are so simple it doesn't need making a computation however it's ethical to provide it to the client, however the hassle to put details in the format is too cumbersome and not required for small ITR's. That's why tools like Taxcloudindia comes handy in generating the computation in seconds.

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sure but do quote Demon_slayer. i deal with demons. he slays them. so no confusion here

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