Genuine Work from home jobs

Hello All,

While I'm looking for work from jobs for my wife,I came across various fake jobs and consulting fees etc.

If any one knows reliable ,genuine work from home jobs ,please suggest and guide .if can't be shared in group, pls dm me personally with the details..

We are desperate to do job.
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I also need such kind of opportunities as I am suffering from locomotive difficulty can't do normal jobs. 


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Online tutoring is probably the safest when it comes to work from home jobs but then again it's not easy to get students as there are plenty of highly experienced tutors online. Other than that 99% of jobs posted on Facebook & telegram channels are fake & ploys to extract money from you - so don't fall for them. If someone is asking you to do a tedious job like filling up 100s of forms online/offline or converting word/image files into PDFs and offering lucrative amounts of money - Don't fall for them either as they would find ways to ask you to pay to get your payment. You'd end up spending a lot of time to do those fake jobs & end up not earning a dime. Even if they sound very convincing & say that there are no hidden charges, always ask them to pay a percentage of payment in advance before the job to develop a good will & as proof that you are certain you will get paid after the completion of the job. You can easily make them out as fake jobs if they refuse to pay a percentage in advance. 

Try sites like Freelancer, Flexjobs to search for genuine work from home jobs based on your skills 

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Most of these online jobs you see are fake. Atleast, the ones from India are IMO

If anyone asks you to pay upfront, run away!

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This is my stance on WFH jobs.

Don't look out for a WFH job. Instead find the industry/Field where it is feasible. 

A photographer in my locality hired a bunch of married women from another district to sort,edit,clean and make an album.

Builders/Individual owners often approach people who are good with design and manipulation skills for house plan. It's a simple work but earns decent.

I will update this comment if I recall more fields.

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