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Go on read about koovs may be u feel same issue

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There was a time i spent half of my pocket money on this site. Rather i felt too lazy to get into other sites. There was a days when this site use to provide good products at reasonable price and i used to feel tempted now i tell you how my temptation got over. And series of disappointments followed it
1. I ordered product a they delievered me b when i returned product it failed quality check and i kept on calling them fucking million time after 2 week of wait they sent me coupon though i wanted my money back
2. Now this was thing i faced almost five times or more. I tried to make payment via my card they deducted twice for one product like their payment gate away is so bad ones my bank statement came they i came to know about this fraud and than when u call them they assure u refund but refund wont come that easy after their refund i had called my bank customer care than i got my refund after 2 months. They just fool u their refund process is worst.
3. Another major issue they show u some product at extremely low price when u pay for it they mail u instantly or in one day that product is out of stock now what u have to wait for refund for another one month
4. There annoying customer care people calling u all time u had product in ur cart we will tell u code and u vl get discount and discount they offer is just minor . I finally get rid of their customer care by blocking them via true caller
5. I got same looking product at other site like abof or ajio at lower price like blue saint and london eva . . . Some brands like spring break sbuys which are part of koovs have their own sites itself they offer great discount and they offer gift as well at special occasions so i prefer to shop directly from sbuys spring break rather to waste money on koovs when u get goodies from these sites like on new eve sbuys gave me pop cake and spring break a cute pair of ear rings . I usually order same product from these sites individually.
Koovs is such a rigid site
6. They had same patterns like if its off shoulder distress jeans they follow same pattern for months i feel bored with their laccy ridress off shoulder collection like they had no dynamic collection. Same pattern just different colours boring.
Although i used to love their bags and shoes may be in future i will look forward to shop but at present i find it expensive rather i found my new love in h&m and forever21 which offer almost same goods koovs offer practically koovs is copy of it . Koovs is cheater cock
Koovs is boring with no good discounts offering they offer discounts on some non selling product. Bye koovs u have lost customer like me already I spent lac almost on this filthy site

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