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Streaming vs mirroring , is it worth ?? and pros and cons please .... 

i prefer streaming as it needs no space on my pc but 1 app is wanting me to change it to mirroring. hence , asking this 

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Advantages: No need for local storage, immediate access, saves space on your device.

Disadvantages: Requires internet access, dependent on cloud availability, potential buffering for large files or slow connections.


Advantages: Offline access, independent of internet, potentially faster access for frequently used files.

Disadvantages: Consumes local storage, requires manual updating for the latest versions, storage management needed for large amounts of data.

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requires manual updating for the latest versions

---- what is meant by this ? google drive new versions ? or anything else ? 
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So , dont we have option for streaming some files and mirroring some files 

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I don't think so. But you can always send feedback to google.
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I like mirroring better since it's much smoother than streaming. Even with a high speed connection, there are obvious lags.

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