Got a strange call from fake agent claiming to be from SBICard

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Why SBI gives numbers to these scamsters or some sort of data breach from SBICard Database?

An unknown lady called me claiming to be from SBI Credit card department and there is a limit increase offer for me. To do that need to visit one website and give card details in that site.


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why would sbi give your number when they can also give card details instead?

just think

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Card numbers cannot be given like that I think. In that website it is asking to give 16 numbers and enter CVV, so I believe that it is definitely operated by a scamster. Why 16 numbers? Mostly to validate these offers last 4 digits are needed and why CVV?

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Sbicard has its own domain. Why would it need a wix domain?

This is why I reject all credit card offers that come through calls. Can't believe them.

If there is LE available on your card, you netbanking app will show or you will be sent an sms and email officially.

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It is definitely being run by a scamster. Posted here to alert fellow dimers to be vigilant.

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Hmm as usual lady talking with sweet tone. I sometimes spend time talking with them but don't do it in public as people will think of something else.

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Just take any bank card on 1 number and SBI on another number. Very soon u get some fraud calls on Phone Number used to take SBI Card.

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Yes, they have all your details, Phone No, PAN No, Aadhaar No. Nothing new.

In spite of these, they cannot apply on your behalf because they are stuck at OTP step. That why they need to call people.

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