Government Proposes Mandatory Anti-Fake Review Rules | NDTV Profit

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What a worthless draft

1) kick backs for positive reviews?

2) not able to edit reviews by platform owners?

hmm both are in the hands of platform lol xD can't be controlled:)

another dying draft

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Another example of noble intentions and super lame execution..

Genuine users to suffer,for the perceived acts of others.

Currently if one gets an issue 7-8 months into warranty and wants to edit their review(AND RATING) based on the follow-on experience, then some portals do allow it.

Where the sites themselves are unable to do much about spam reviews, suspicious reviews
wonder how the lawmakers will enforce it across the board and monitor it for all the sites?

Once on a mixer grinder review, on Amazon India, we saw that someone had uploaded the photo of their 30-40 days old baby.

Every week for two three weeks we kept reporting it and also e-mailed and informed customer care too.
Then we gave up, as it was still there even after a month of our first alert to Amazon.

Even old brands like (either) Nirlep or Nirlon openly have a paper insert in the product package itself that give a positive rating to get xyz reward.
And Amazon Flipkart do nothing to stop it, then how can one stop.a random new seller or small time seller from quid pro quo?

Let us see, if it works.. then good.
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How berozgar ppl gonna make some money now 

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LoL joy

Another waste of resources

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