Haldwani - Looking for good self drive scooty / car options


Hello fellow dimers,

I'm planning a trip to Naukuchiatal with my wife and I'm looking for reliable self-drive options to explore the area.

I've already booked my train to Kathgodam, but unfortunately, it got short-circuited at Haldwani(~5km). As a result, I am now looking at options around that area.

If self-drive options are unavailable, I'll consider hiring a cab. Any recommendations for good and reliable cab drivers would be greatly appreciated.

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Is there a locker facility available at Haldwani railway station?

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Checked, cloak room present at Haldwani Railway Station
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My hotel gave me a contact for cab. The person quoted 2k for Haldwani railway station to Naukuchiatal (near Chafi Bridge).

Uber shows 990. I tried to see if bookings are accepted and no one accepted for 15 minutes. 

Any estimates if 2k (for ~34km) is costly/ normal for that area?

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Costly. 1600-2000 is charged by taxies for Haldwani to Almora (90-100 km). Better to hire a local taxi on the spot. 2k for 34 km seems high. Something around 1k would be rational.

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Haldwani is a decent place. Take a taxi, reach your hotel, then get the hotel to give you some contacts.

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Happy Journey babaji.. Neem Karoli Baba pray pray pray...


P.S: I have few contacts with my medicos friends there but they're not available in city..else would have helped...

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Getting down at Haldwani is a better option than Kathgodam. More taxies and transport options available at Haldwani, especially during odd hours.

You will easily get a private/shared taxi. 250-300 per person/ 1000-1200 for full taxi should be the max. Just in case they try to quote you higher prices, tell them that "2000 me to Almora jate hain. i am not new here".

Where will you be staying? How many days plan? What places are you exactly looking forward to?

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Teh Dil se shukriya sabhi ka.. tathastu.. raised_hand/p>

Spoke to the hosts, got to know the place is not exactly Naukuchiatal. The stay we are going, Glamping Tales, is a little offbeat and not easily accessible via public transport.

Decided to roam around Haldwani station and look for scooty. Nahi toh, will book a cab on the spot.

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Updating based on my experience

  • There is no official "Cloak Room" on Haldwani station. However, the AC waiting room person generally keeps the luggage at charge. They quoted 10/- per hour which came out to be ~ 580 for my 2.5 day trip. Negotiated a bit and paid. Cloak Facility is there at Kathgodam Railway station.
  • I got the scooty at the station itself. It was in very good condition and was relatively quite new. Both Primary and pillion rider helmet is needed in the town. We were given 2 helmets. Charges were Rs. 600 per day. Special shout out to Mr Gautam (scooty rental owner). He was very respectful and it was a smooth transaction without any surprises. His shop is around Kathgodam, but since the station was temporarily closed, he came to Haldwani.
  • Our stay was in Tada village (5km from Chafi Bridge). Road till Chafi was very good. Road downwards from Chafi to Tada was quite bad. Became worse as it rained unexpectedly for the 2 days.
  • Glamping Tales experience was quite nice. It was very peaceful with just the river and bird sounds ( Gaula River flowing next to it). The staff is quite friendly. Food(Roti-Sabji) was ok but Maggi  / Tea was quite good. Domes were very good. It felt as it was freezing in the night outside (some winter + rains), but there were ACs (with heating mode). There was panoramic view from the domes and bathrooms were much better than what one would anticipate in a tent. 
  • We went to Bhimtal lake for boating and visited the Aquarium cafe.

If anyone wants any inputs, they can DM me. Happy to help.

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