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Happy Mahalaya Amavasya and Beginning of Navratri


Today we are celebrating Mahalaya Amavasya. Today is the end of Pitrupaksh and beginning of Matripaksha. Some people offer Shraddha(rites to our departed ancestors) on this date. 

Philosophical Interpretation

There are four Navratris in a year in four different quarters, Magha (Winter), Chaitra (Spring), Ashadha (Monsoon), and Sharad (Autumn). Every Navratri signifies defeat of evil before goodness. Mahalaya signifies the arrival of Goddess. Today is Amavasya i.e. beginning of lunar phase, New Moon. Today is the darkest the night can get. As the Navaratri progresses night slowly becomes clearer and clearer. And on 10th day, we celebrate Vijaya Dashmi. And after 5 days full moon occurs. That's the brightest the night can get. And then again that brightness fades away until the next new moon. It can be interpreted in many ways. My interpretation is, Goddess is generally peaceful. But even she has to lift arms to vanquish the evil. The preparation starts in the darkest night and result of the efforts comes in the full moon. From the day of new moon till full moon, progress can be noticed. That's hope. After full moon, sky grows dimmer and dimmer until it turns blackest that's the next new moon. It reminds that everything is effervescent. Only thing that's permanent is change. And we need to earn every moment of our happiness. 🙂 Everyday there is a new battle. And we have to remain fully prepared for the same. Another interpretation is the cycle of life. 🙂

Important Dates

  • 25th Sept 2022 Mahalaya
  • 26~4th Oct 2022 Navaratri
  • 5th Oct 2022 Vijaya Dashmi

Happy Mahalaya. 

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Happy Amavasya and upcoming Navratri blush
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Biki Bhai as usual with very informative posts pray
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@bikidas2060 Happy Navaratri bro and to all dimers

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